Lesson 2011

January 2011

You didn’t make yourself. You don’t have to be responsible for yourself. There is nothing to worry about. There is no one there for you to worry over. Stop taking care of yourself. It is unnecessary. You don’t have to be responsible for yourself. Consider the lilies in the field and how they grow. You try to take care of yourself and when you can’t, you try to find someone to take care of you.
Are you going to be that one in a million who snaps the spell? The way to understand life is to study what comes down the river. Relax and let life be revealed to you. Revelation of evil is even good because there is insight and understanding.

    Your actual factual nature does not consist of repetitious wrongness. Your real nature consists of something that has nothing to do with your old nature, and that real self, which can be increasingly invited to empower you, can be the sentry and reformer, which remind you that every internal or external experience can be informational for you instead of causing you to feel bad. There is no one to feel bad; there’s a bad feeling when corrected, reproved, bawled out, insulted, but that is not you.

February 2011

Every spiritual step must be accompanied by the willingness and the appearance of feeling foolish. There is no escape from the prison of your old acquired self without a deliberate, consistent willingness to appear foolish before yourself and other people. The willingness to appear foolish causes great, beautiful destruction. The only question that is left is this, “How fast can I go? How ingenious can I be in inventing ways to be foolish before you and myself?” You know that the reason we want to appear wise before others is because we want the picture of ourselves presented to them. We are doing the exact opposite of everything we used to do.

    When someone speaks to you about something, you don’t have to be dragged into it. Just leave it alone. Practice being in this life and not permitting your weakness to let another drag you off.
You can develop yourself to the point where you can hear every bit of bad news that has ever existed since the founding of civilization on earth, all the bad news that is presently on earth, and all the prophesied bad news, and be unaffected by it.

March 2011

     Consider very seriously that the entire human race has made a gigantic blunder, a mistake so gigantic that we can’t see it, a mistake that practically no one on earth wants to face. The mistake is submission to the overwhelming false power of this world. The great gigantic error that human beings make is defeat, submission to, cowering before the assumed authority and power of this world. I’m talking about this world of human beings in which you are in a state of submission, which means you are also in a state of unconscious rebellion, both of which are wrong for you. We’re talking about a mental state, an emotional state in which human beings live and in which they are afraid to challenge the condition they are in; and you are not challenging your defeat. You’re unconscious when you lash out in anger at anything. Start saying NO!
After a long, long time of saying ‘no’ to wrong thoughts, “No, I am not living from you anymore,” a most astonishing thing happens. What happens is that the ‘no’ is not being said by you anymore. You practice it and after a while you hear not yourself saying ‘no’, but Truth itself which has taken over your mind, taken over your spirit. Do you understand the beauty of what I am talking about? That something other than you is now living your life for you and something other than you is saying ‘no’ to all wrongness and all punishment. Do you want to find out whether or not this is true? Then follow all the principles you hear here.
You can’t change anything. What you can do is to consciously say ‘no’. That feeling that life is overwhelming is lying to you. Whenever you feel despair, defeat, you are being lied to.

     Your mistake: Trying to make yourself valuable to other people. From now on, “Instead of trying to get something from other people, I’m going to understand myself.”

April 2011

Have you been practicing that exercise lately of watching your mind operate and separating between the useless and the useful? You know what’s useful. You have to turn on the coffee tap in order for it to come out, and you reach for the sugar or whatever. Anything that serves you rightly is practical thought. But how about being overwhelmed by something running wild within you, which you just don’t know how to stop? You know there’s no point at all working in the wrong way, no point working on it with thought, because that is thought itself.
OK, here’s the challenge. I’m going to summarize it right now. Just drop the storm. You’re both the driver in it and the storm itself. Regardless of the consequences of what you think will happen to you, you’re never going to be petty again about anything; you’re never going to attack any other human being with words in writing, in thought, in feeling, in attitude. You’re never again ever going to believe in enemies. You’ve got to have opposition the way you are now in order to keep the way you are going, and that’s what you want. Oh what true spiritual heroism it is to take God at His word; to not just read what He says in print and on tape, but to do it! Now, the light says if you’ll simply give up everything sour and negative and wrong inside of you, you’ll have eternal life.

     A religious hypocrite who tells you he has found God, has peace of mind and all that — he might even at one time had a glimpse of what we are talking about, but he didn’t stay awake. He didn’t remain in a constant request to heaven to “guide my step,” not every fifth step, not every other step. He forgot that, and I don’t want you to forget it. I want you to know that every single step must be in a state of knowing where you are. That’s an open door, at least. It’s not the whole thing. You get up from your chair. Someone’s in your way and you notice a little annoyance. At every moment you’re asking heaven itself to keep you awake and not fall asleep into irritation or into thinking about what to do. When Truth is guiding every step it knows what to do. ASK GOD TO WAKE YOU UP!

May 2011

God says to just sit back and relax and allow Him to take over in place of darkness taking over. When you live in the father’s house, you will know it and you must not let sinister imagination tell you that you’re already there or you’ll be just one of those horrible human beings who call themselves saved, who call themselves religious, who will snap at you for the smallest affront to their so-called dignity. What tragedy could be worse than a person who’s had a glimpse and started on the way and then got fooled again?
You can make it all the way from the shack to the mansion if you will remember what caused you to have the first little glimpse of light was that you understood, you knew, that you had no strength of your own, no wisdom of your own, you didn’t know what to do. All you knew was that you were sick, that you didn’t know what to do.
If you will remember that at all times, the satanic and sinister forces that accost the pilgrim on the journey back home won’t have a chance.Keep in mind at all times that you know nothing at all about the spiritual life. That will keep you safe from dark forces entering your egotistical nature and speaking to you and deceiving you. As long as you know nothing, God can tell you everything and you’ll make it back home.

     See that you don’t know what to do about anything. Bear the discomfort, a new kind of pain, of not knowing and refuse to ask anyone else or even talk to them about it. Just go about your day and be interested in doing what you are doing while you are doing it.  Keep coming back home. Watch! This is the answer. Stick with it. Dare to trust God to work it out for you.

June and July  2011

Jolt yourself the next time you get a stab of worry. Don’t leave it unchallenged. Right while you’re suffering from concern, worry, etc. (you’ve been taken over) activate your memory of collected wisdom and apply what you’ve learned here by remembering to do this exercise.
Jolt yourself — even physically shake your head — then physically relax. Truth never breaks its word to any conquering man or woman. Truth is always faithful.
You do what is true, right in the middle of the sobbing worry thoughts that attack you. You will put yourself on your true side. You will make a deliberate conscious effort to get away from yourself, from Slumberville, from that state that has captured you. Here’s what will happen: All of a sudden, there will be a breakthrough. You don’t want to be pained, suffer anymore. While you were worried, you didn’t know you were. You loved that worry.

One day you will see all you’ve ever been is cruel. Make a list: Where and how do I love to hurt someone? Tell someone off — that woman on the phone? Where do you have revengeful thoughts when you get thwarted in the smallest way, or didn’t get recognition? That look, that scowl, that snarl. Everyone does it.

August  2011

If you felt bad this morning, you’re possessed! You’re not evil and you’re not good. You are possessed, sound asleep, ignorant, careless. Never mind your lunch — you’ve got to wake up! You will no longer be weak towards your weakness. The next time you make a mistake, you are not to glorify it. Don’t give it your attention. Satan puts these words in your mouth: “How dumb can I get?” You can’t feel you; there’s no one there to feel. You’ve only felt the ridiculous impostor. Don’t go into self-hate when you make a mistake/error.
“I said something ridiculous.” Don’t keep your self-glorification of your mistake going. “I made a remark to fifty people in the room.” Silence followed. Don’t fall for the trick. Have the attitude, “Who are you trying to kid? I wasn’t good or bad; I was possessed and didn’t know it. I should have been attentive, intelligent. I wanted to be clever but was stupid instead. I’ve been asleep.”
That doesn’t form an ‘I’. Goodness is there when you know you had nothing to do with its creation. You no longer fall for evil. You will then walk in the presence of God. That is the final solution.

Understand that the exterior world has no influence on you at all. Meet everything with a pure healthy you. It is better to be healthy than to be sick. Constantly see your reactions. What did I just say, feel? All a self-invention you haven’t seen through.
Wake up and go to work! Don’t look at an object and fear it when there is no reason to be fearful. Why do you trust fear instead of Reality? Why are you putting your confidence in being terrified instead of in your heavenly father? Why are you living in fear and trembling? You depend on a physical world. All you have are mechanical reactions. You react to what you see. These reactions you call you. It’s an illusion. Only God exists. If you had no reactions to what you see, you’d understand that.

September  2011

Advice which is very valuable that you can always give yourself is to just slow down. Slow down your life. Go very casually and easily in the way you think and feel. Slow down your speech. Then your defensive and offensive self is out of the way and you can simply receive the higher message, which is to not have a wrong reaction.
Spiritual magic: I am here! First: Slow down. You’re to do it now. You have to see you’re living in a blur. Now your neurotic nature is always worried, racing around. Now, know you’re here physically in this room; you never know you’re here, you’re gone. See around the room, where your hands are, legs crossed or  uncrossed. Now deliberately change your position so you can be aware of where you are. Also know what you’re thinking right now, what you’re feeling right now.
When you put yourself into the position of knowing you are here, then nothing outside of you has the smallest chance to enter into your right world and disturb it. When you spiritually know “I am here” that’s the  only world, there’s no other world at all. God is exclusive. Truth is all. Reality is the only real state. The Kingdom of Heaven is pure.
It is essential for you to remind yourself and practice the slowing down exercise. Slowing down your life opens the door to understanding why things happen as they do. Remember to slow down.

Refuse to think of what you are going to do tomorrow. Decide that you are never again going to guarantee your future. Instead, you are going to sacrifice thinking about tomorrow regardless of what happens to you. Have the courage to not think what you always think. Set aside your plans, supports, securities. You are simply not going to do, think, plan anything for tomorrow. You’ve made the decision to live without them — plans, supports, thoughts, worries. This allows something else to enter. This is sacrificing your usual life in order to find life with a  capital “L”. Refuse to think in time anymore — past or future.
You don’t know what an adventure you have in store if you do it. As you see the futility in thinking those thoughts again and again, it becomes easier and easier not to.
God does the work for you when you allow it.

October  2011

It is never necessary for you to win over anyone, anything, anyhow, anytime because there is no person and no personality who needs to win. Start disbelieving in yourself. You believe you can go out and do things for yourself. You believe in ambitions and if they seem to resist you, you call on your false power. Since it is false, counterfeit, it will destroy the individual who persists in it.
Experiment: This is salvation. You’re going to lose everything. Lose the argument. Let the whole world win over you. You are not going to lift a finger to stop it. The way to get your life is to lose it. The way to win is to be a loser. Use every single failure, disgrace, defeat, sorrow, to acquire heavenly riches. That man/woman can’t give it to you. He/she never did.
You are letting go of the impostor you thought was you. “I can just relax from giving my circumstances power over me by fighting, resisting them.”
When you are at the mercy of everyone and everything and you don’t fight back, you have won.

Every challenge is an opportunity to grow by simply letting go and not resisting it. Work hard at this. Let them win the ego victory over you. Do not resist or complain or fight. Let Truth win. If we no longer value our resistance, something new will break through. God, Truth is stronger and he will prove it to anyone who will let him.

November  2011

Here is a very important exercise. It will change everything. It will change failure into success if you do it constantly and remember that the object is to put yourself aside so that the new self can take over; so that the path is always lighted and you don’t fall down anymore. It is good and necessary to make your requests known to heaven, the request for you to be a new person, to have a new mind and a new spirit, but you can’t make the request known to heaven with a low nature, with a crabby mind. You can’t do that. It’s not going to reach heaven. Dark minds can’t reach the light of heaven so I am going to give you a two-part  exercise. Oh, what a change it will make in your day and your whole life!

1. Come awake. Do it now. Come awake. Set thought aside. Just know that you are here in this room. Don’t be thinking of anything in particular. Before you make your request known to heaven, come awake — not in a state of sleep, of anger, of worry, but wide awake! Your mind is as free as you can make it. This is a good exercise. You come awake and then you make your request to heaven. It has to be a right request.

2. Your request to God is “Let your way be my way.” That includes everything. Remember now, it’s a two-part request. Oh, how many mechanical prayers go up all over the world, billions of them every day — useless, pointless, self-deceptive. Nothing happens. Aren’t you kind of glad you didn’t get some of the things you once prayed for?

You have to do something you don’t want to do. Turn off TV and just know where you are. You have to do something that everything in you will protest. It is your mind that is a traitor among the ranks.

December  2011

You must face the absolute necessity of coming to the end of thought. Realize it is never going to do you any good at all to think your way out. If you will allow God to be your teacher instead of your thought, that is the prayer. No more trying to figure it out on the level of the intellect. You’re blocking the flow by trying to guide yourself. God will handle everything for me when there is no me to try to handle anything. Your pain is trying to tell you that you are wrong. Consent to inner transformation. Let go.

Within you is a center that is not a part of this world. It’s real, permanent, but it is overwhelmed by your foolish desires to always be surrounded by people. It’s small and is bluffed and intimidated, and can’t grow. Be honest. Know that you can’t live without having a lot of other people around you, including friends and enemies in your own mind. You have to have that enemy. Everything you need is inside you. You don’t have to look to anyone else on earth.





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