God’s message to Women

When I created the heavens and the earth, I spoke them into being.  When I created man, I formed him and breathed life into his nostrils.  But you woman, I fashioned after I breathed the breath of life into man because your nostrils are too delicate.  I allowed a deep sleep to come over him so I could patiently and perfectly fashion you.

Man was put to sleep so that he could not interfere with the creativity.  From one bone I fashioned you.  I chose the bone that protects man’s life.  I chose the rib, which protects his heart and lungs and supports him, as you are meant to do.  Around this bone I shaped you.   I modeled you.  I created you perfectly and beautifully.  Your characteristics are as the rib, strong yet delicate and fragile.  You provide protection for the most delicate organ in man, his heart.

His heart is the center of his being; his lungs hold the breath of life.  The rib cage will allow itself to be broken before it will allow damage to the heart.

Support man as the rib cage supports the body.  You were not taken from his feet, to be under him, nor were you taken from his head, to be above him.  You were taken from his side, to stand beside him and be held close to his side.

You are my perfect angel.  You are my beautiful little girl.  You are grown to be a splendid woman of excellence, and my eyes fill when I see the virtue in your heart.  Your eyes—don’t change them.  Your lips — how lovely when they part in prayer.  Your nose so perfect in form, your hands so gentle to touch.  I’ve caressed your face in your deepest sleep; I’ve held your heart close to mine.

Of all that lives and breathes, you are the most like me.  Adam walked with me in the cool of the day and yet he was lonely.  He could not see me or touch me.   He could only feel me.  So everything I wanted Adam to share and experience with me, I fashioned in you; my holiness, my strength, my purity, my love, my protection and support.  You are special because you are the extension of me.  Man represents my image – woman, my emotions.

Together, you represent the totality of God.

So man – treat woman well.  Love her; respect her, for she is fragile.  In hurting her, you hurt me.  What you do to her, you do to me.  In crushing her, you only damage your own heart, the heart of your Father.  Woman, support man.  In humility, show him the power of emotion I have given you.  In gentle quietness show your strength.  In love, show him that your are the rib that protects his inner self.

(This came via the Internet, original source unknown, FW> from a list of many friends.)

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The Story of Three Little Trees

Once upon a mountain top, three little trees had a dream.

The first thought of  becoming a treasure chest to hold the greatest treasures of the world.

The second wanted to be a great ship to sail to mighty waters  and carry powerful kings.

The third wanted to remain in the mountain top and grow, so  when people look up, they’d think of God.

After years of rain and shine, the little trees grew tall.

And so the woodcutters came. With the swoop of

their shining axe, the trees fell.

The first became just a feed box for animals.

The second became just simple fishing boat.

The third was cut into strong beams and was left in a lumber yard.

They became sad, they didn’t reach their dreams.

Many years passed. They nearly forgot their dreams.

But one night, golden starlight poured over the first tree as a young woman placed her little babe in the feed box, suddenly he knew he was holding the greatest treasure in the world.

As years passed by, a traveler boarded a little  boat – the second tree. Soon a shuddering storm came and the passenger stretched out His hand, saying, “Peace”.  The storm stopped.  The little wood was carrying the King of heaven and earth.

One Friday morning, the third tree – a beam – was yank from the wood pile.  And was startled when soldiers nailed a man’s hand to him.

He knew that God’s love changed everything.  When people would look up they would think of God’s love.  It was better than being the tallest tree.

So next time, when your dream does not come true, remember that God has got some better plan for you.


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“Laughter is good for the heart and soul”

While emphasizing that fun is hardly a cure-all, the medical establishment is showing an increasing interest in the effects of the positive emotions on health, says Alison Crane, R.N. founder and executive director of the American Association for Therapeutic Humor, headquartered in Skokie, Illinois.

A good laugh, notes Crane, changes blood pressure (blood pressure rises during laughter, but lowers below the starting point afterward), reduces muscle tension, improves digestion and if-you laugh so hard that you cry – releases tears that contain bacteria-killing agents.   Research also indicates that laughter may trigger the release of catecholamines, hormones that increase alertness.

Perhaps even more important than the physical effects, says Crane, are the psychological benefits of humor and laughter.  Reduction of tension and anxiety is one of the most important.

Laughter improves communications between people, notes Crane.  ” A friend  of mine once noted that shared laughter creates community.  If you’re trying to create a cohesive group in business, with friends or family, laughter can facilitate that sense of belonging.”  Fear, loneliness and isolation disappear in shard laughter.

“There are so many people in our culture walking around tied up in knots because they won’t give themselves the release of laughter and play, they won’t permit themselves that healing embrace,” says Matt Weinstein, Ph.D., corporate consultant and founder of Playfair, of Berkeley, California, a company that teaches adults how to have fun.

A common excuse, Dr. Weinstein says, is,  “‘ I am busy.  I am under pressure here.  I don’t have time for that stuff.’  The truth is, that’s the time when people need it most.  Laughter and play is a total life philosophy, not just a good-time philosophy.

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“Add Years to your Life”

Personal + 6.0 months
Going back to school would be great for both your brain and your longevity. Having a total of 12 or more years of education could add half a year to your life.Lifestyle

+ 3.0 months
Moving to a place where the air quality is better could add a quarter of a year to your life.

+ 12.0 months
If it is ok with your doctor, taking an 81 mg aspirin every day improves your heart and brain health and could help you delay or escape a heart attack or stroke. Taking an aspirin each day, perferably in the evening, could add 1 year to your life expectancy.

+ 3.0 months
Ultraviolet rays present in sunlight and tanning beds greatly increase your risk of skin cancer, including melanoma. They also increase wrinkles. You are already providing some protection for yourself. Further minimizing your sun exposure could add a quarter of a year to your life expectancy.

+ 6.0 months
There is a clear link between the inflammation of gum disease and heart disease. Do a good job of flossing daily and you could add half a year to your life expectancy.Nutrition

+ 18.0 months
The more you can get fast foods out of your diet the better. With your current consumption, removing fast foods from your diet could add one and a half years to your life expectancy

+ 6.0 months
Osteoporosis (brittle bones) is a terrible disease that becomes more common with older age. Among the important ways to prevent osteoporosis, it is important to have adequate amounts of calcium in your diet. Add more dairy products to your diet or take 1500 mg of calcium a day. Doing so could add a half a year to your life expectancy.

+ 6.0 months
Cutting back sweets in your diet to 1-2 times per week or less could add half a year to your life expectancy.

+ 9.0 months
Cutting back the carbs in your diet (basically anything white and french fries) to a serving every other day could add three quarters of a year to your life expectancy

+ 12.0 months
Iron is likely an age-accelerator and increases risk for age-related diseases. Stopping your iron supplement could add a year to your life expectancy

+ 6.0 months
Increasing your exercise regimen (more than 30 minutes a day) to at least 4 days a week could add half a year to your life expectancy

+ 6.0 months
Being more active in your leisure time, other than exercising, could add half a year to your life expectancyMedical

+ 6.0 months
Increasing the frequency of your bowel movements to at least once every two days could add half a year to your life expectancy.

+ 9.0 months
Examining yourself for cancer could add three-quarters of a year to your life expectancy

+ 6.0 months
Being in touch with your health care provider annually is very important for screening and preventing illness. Getting the appropriate blood tests on a regular basis could add a half a year

+ 6.0 months
Decreasing your diastolic blood pressure (the second of the two numbers) to less than 80 or even lower could add half a year to your life expectancy.


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Is Sex a foundation of Youth?


Is sex a fountain of youth? The latest research would indicate so. Swedish scientists found that sexually active older people are more vital, have higher levels of sex hormones in the blood and have better memories than their celibate counterparts.

These scientists found out what older people already knew. In another study called the Starr-Weiner Report, 800 men and women age 60 to 91 were interviewed. In the 60-79 age group 97 percent said sex was a crucial part of their lives. For those older, 93 percent said it was crucial. This data strongly suggests, reports gerontologist Bernard D. Starr, Ph.D., co-author of the Starr-Weiner Report on Sex and Sexuality in the Mature Years. “that not only are older people indeed interested in sex, they also think about it, desire it, and engage in it when they can, with the same average frequency. That [sex researcher] Kinsey reported for his 40-years-olds.”

But if you are one of the seniors sitting on the sidelines, it’s never too late to get in the game. “It’s possible to continue enjoying sex forever,” says Dr. Starr. “You already have the equipment, all you need is a little mental preparation.”

First, don’t try to compare with your younger sexual self. Understand that it may take you a little longer to become aroused.

Second, get rid of the “musts”—You must have an erection, you must have an orgasm, you must have a young body. Think of sex as a process without trying to reach specific goals. Many older adults have learned, notes Dr. Starr, that “the completion of the sexual act is the desired dessert, but the meal is also satisfying.”


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“Your Car may Cause Cancer if you are not Aware”

Beware of using your Car
More and more people are dying from cancer than ever before. We wonder how it comes about but here is an example that explains a lot of the cancer causing incidents. Many people will rush into their cars first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, 7 days a week and start their cars and immediately switch on the air-conditioner.

Car A/C (Airconditioner) MUST READ!!!

DO NOT turn on your A/C as soon as you turn on the car ignition

Open the windows after you enter your car and turn ON the AC after a couple of minutes.

Here’s why:

According to a research, the car dashboard, sofa, air freshener emit Benzene, a Cancer causing toxin (carcinogen – take time to observe the smell of heated plastic in your car).

In addition to causing cancer, Benzene poisons your bones, causes anemia and reduces white blood cells.

Prolonged exposure will cause Leukemia and increases the risk of other cancers.

It can also cause miscarriage.

Acceptable Benzene level indoors is 50 mg per sq. ft. A car parked indoors with windows closed will contain 400-800 mg of Benzene.

If parked outdoors under the sun at a temperature above 60 degrees F, the Benzene level goes up to 2000-4000 mg, 40 times the acceptable level.

People who get into the car, keeping windows closed will inevitably inhale, in quick succession, excessive amounts of the toxin.

Benzene is a toxin that affects your kidney and liver.. What’s worse, it is extremely difficult for your body to expel this toxic stuff.

So friends, please open the windows and doors of your car – give time for the interior to air out and expel the deadly toxin before you enter.


‘When someone shares something of value and importance with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.

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“Are you a type-A Guy?

Well, are you? The main exterior signs of Type-A behavior are aggravation, irritation, anger and impatience. They’re overt but still often hidden from the Type A. Generally, Type A’s are great at spotting. Type-A behavior in others but awful at detecting it in themselves.
So if you’re a Type A, how can you accurately assess your own behavior? Be honest with yourself, says Meyer Friedman, M.D., Menlo Park, California, first studied Type-A behavior (he coined the phrase) and offered evidence hinting that it may hurt your heart enough to kill you.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself (and the people who know you).
Do you have a compulsion to win at all costs, even in trivial contests with children?
Do you clench your fist during ordinary conversation?
Do you have easily aroused irritability or anger, even in minor matters?
Do you sigh frequently?
Do you have trouble sitting and doing nothing?
Do you detest waiting in lines?
Do you eat, walk or talk fast?
Do you often angrily defend your unshakable opinions?
Do you grind your teeth?
Do you nod your head while speaking (rather than while listening, as many people do?
“Few Type A’s exhibit all the Type-A signs,”Dr. Friedman says. “But most Type A’s have several. We have found that exhibiting even one of them (mild Type A) increases your risk of having a heart attack before age 65.”

If you fail the test, Dr. Friedman suggests you start to slow down, stop occasionally to smell the roses, learn to relax. Your life may depend on it.


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